Heads up: put your shit on mute before playing the video.

This alleged Halo 4 multiplayer beta footage popped up on NeoGAF early this morning, and as Kotaku points out, it's basically the most obnoxious video ever. The quality is atrocious, yes, but is it really showing Halo 4 multiplayer?

A statement from Microsoft appears to suggest it's legit: "We are conducting an internal beta test of Halo 4 which is a standard development practice for most video games," a spokesperson said.

Great! So when does the public beta commence? Halo 3 and Halo: Reach both had them, after all. Well, unfortunately, the spokesperson added, "We have no plans for a public multiplayer beta for Halo 4."

That's pretty cut-and-dry—it's not "We haven't announced plans," it's "Nope." Regardless, is there anything to discern from this video? Does the game really appear faster than previous Halos? Observe and report in the comments or on Twitter.