Address: 247 South 1st St.

Most people know Rye for their amazing dinner menu, which is a shame, because the brunch is killer.

I started with the homemade fried cake donuts. Served warm, the outer shell of the donut was crumbly, a contrast to the semi-moist middle. A side of syrup accompanies the dish, letting you convince yourself you're having breakfast instead of dessert.

The hidden gem at Rye is the delicious meatloaf sandwich. The meat, a blend of duck, veal, pork, short ribs, and mushroom, is savory, with hints of rosemary. The buttermilk-fried onion strips provide the perfect crunch, while the greens function as a silent garnish. Thankfully, the bbq sauce doesn't overpower the flavor of the meat. The bun comes nicely toasted, for extra crunch.

The stuffed french toast consists of Benton’s ham, mascarpone, fontina, maple Dijon and Vermont maple syrup. Sounds heavy, but on the palate it's surprisingly nice and light. The toast is fluffy, and overall the dish achieves the right balance of sweet and salty.

The end result: food coma and the unbuckling of the belt.