How’s this for petty. The co-op board of a Brooklyn housing complex is trying to evict an Afghanistan war vet and his family, all over the shih tzu he uses to cope with PTSD.

The building doesn’t allow dogs, but there are reportedly a number that live in the building. Eugene Ovsishcher has had the dog, Mickey, since last August. However, nobody seemed to notice until February, and now management is trying to force Ovsischer out quickly. This issue oddly coincides with Ovsischer’s wife’s decision to run for the building’s co-op board.

Regardless, Ovsishcher and his family continue to battle the building’s management to keep Mickey, who has helped ease the pain of seven years in the Army. Neighbors aren’t bothered by the presence of the other dogs, so why single Ovsischer and his family out?

Politics as usual.

[via Gothamist]

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