Activision was kind enough to send over some Call of Duty: Black Ops II screens from their impending E3 content, and having seen the footage, we can confidently say that you're in for a treat. Los Angeles burns when the enemies "get the keys" to the unmanned drones, robots, planes, and Roombas of the US, and it's up to grizzled soldiers to set things right.

In at least one mission, David Mason (son of the previous game's Alex Mason) is helping to evacuate the President from the streets of Los Angeles—streets that look worse by the second as bombs go off on all sides.

As a resident of southern California, I can attest to the fact that I've fantasized about this while stuck in traffic on the 101, but the reality is a lot less satisfying than I imagined.

Surely you don't need to be told this, but Black Ops II is one to look out for at E3 next month. Leave a comment below or on Twitter.