A wedding at the Danversport Yacht Club on Boston’s North Shore turned into the Royal Rumble as multiple guests were arrested. The Salem News reports that tempers began to flare after the groom’s brothers were refused drinks at the bar. An enraged groom began yelling at an employee, but a member of the bride’s family attempting to calm him down set everything off:

When a member of the bride's family asked him to calm down, he grew more enraged, punching a wall and tearing the coat room apart, police said. The bride's brother tried to intervene and wound up being punched.

As the groom and his new brother-in-law wrestled on the floor, the groom's mother, Darlene DeIorio, went after the bride's mom, police said.

The Boston Globe revealed that the two brothers were underage, hence the rejection at the bar. Also, as police were placing the groom’s mother in the back of their cruiser (yes, it got that real), one of her son’s dates tried to intervene. She returned to the event, starting fighting with another female guest, and ended up getting arrested.

Delorio claims the situation only got out of hand because the mother of the bride insulted her mother, but told the Boston Herald she feels terrible about what happened because the bride and groom are “doing everything in their power to make it work.”

The newlyweds are honeymooning in the Dominican Republic, and it sounds like this explosion of violence was just tensions between the two families finally reaching a breaking point—with the help of alcohol. This is the ratchet version of Romeo & Juliet that we would've preferred.

[via The Huffington Post]

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