Mass Effect fan and clothing designer Christine Schott has been designing hoodies based on the cast of Mass Effect 2 for years now. After showing her ideas online and receiving some encouraging words from fellow fans, Schott recently sent her designs to Bioware to see what they thought.

It turns out they liked them... a lot. According to GameRant, Bioware contacted Schott late last week to see if they could make a set of sweatshirts based on her designs.

Schott pointed out in a message on DeviantArt page that Bioware probably won't make the hoodies exactly the way she drew them and, unfortunately, she won't play a role in their creation beyond submitting her concepts. She will, of course, be compensated for her work, so that's something. 

Plus, she'll to be able to say; "See those Mass Effect character hoodies? Yeah, that was my idea."

[Via Gamerant]