It's been about six months since Skyrim was released and changed your life forever. (Probably.) Most games release DLC shortly after a game is released before players forget about it or, god forbid, trade it in. The folks at Bethesda, hoping that the Skyrim experience has made a lasting impression, is opting to take more time to make a larger expansion pack.

Bethesda released the teaser image above yesterday, announcing their Skyrim expansion pack, Dawnguard. For the moment, all we know about Dawnguard is that it will be released this summer on Xbox 360. We'll get more information when the DLC is shown at E3 next month, but the DLC will likely be a timed-exclusive, with the PC and PS3 versions coming a few weeks after the initial release.

Bethesda has said that Skyrim's DLC will be more like an expansion pack than modern DLC. If there's nearly as much content as past Elder Scrolls expansions, you can expect Dawnguard to basically be a whole new game set in the world of Skyrim.

[Via Bethblog]

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