An argument turned into a bloodbath in Australia today as two neighbors clashed with a chainsaw and Samurai sword, respectively. One man’s arm was severed with a chain saw and another lost of finger, courtesy of the sword. Surgeons rushed to save the arm of 29-year-old Mark Jorgenson while doctors tended to 26-year-old Troy Thornton and his lost finger.

Police were horrified to discover pools of blood in the street of the Minto neighborhood and Jorgenson crying in pain and panic. Allegedly, the two men began arguing over loud music and reckless driving, but shit got cinematic when Jorgenson reached for the sword.

Neighbors can certainly piss you off, but how did this get past words and fists? How do you make the leap from putting hands on someone to putting a chainsaw to their arm?

[via The Daily Mail UK]

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