Half-Life fans may still recall the fateful incident that started it all in that first game: the hubris of Black Mesa, thinking they could conduct anomalous materials research without causing a resonance cascade.

Well, Aperture CEO Cave Johnson caught wind of the experiments in one of the alternate dimensions he's pulling testers from for the new Portal 2 DLC, and he put a stop to that right quick.

The result? Blappeture Mesa, a merger that we'd assume would spell doom for the common man, given both companies' tendencies to kill lots of people indiscriminately and generally bring about apocalypse-like scenarios.

But in this case, Aperture appears to have saved the world. Head to the company's official site to listen to Johnson's speech to the former employees of Black Mesa.

(By the way, it's probably a sound clip taken from the new Portal 2 DLC and slapped on a website with a fake logo for laughs, so don't take too much away from this. And click the swirly Aperture logo for a special treat.)

We welcome our new Blappeture overlords. Do you think the Aperture-Black Mesa merger would be a good or bad thing? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.