Anthony Bourdain has never been one to pull punches, and he treated the crowd at Brooklyn’s Great GoogaMooga Festival to a series of memorable quotes this past weekend. After saying he’d take a “big fucking can of gasoline” to Olive Garden and burn it down, Bourdain suggested the James Beard house be remodeled as “something useful, like a methadone clinic.”

It got more entertaining after Bourdain was asked if he would eat a human, to which he replied “fuck yeah” in reference to any useless stranger on a life raft with him and the rest of his food-ndustry homies. That would be the second option after devouring a bag of Doritos.

The best quote of the day came when he was asked who he’d like to deep fry: Dick Cheney. After waterboarding him, Bourdain said he would “deep fry his head,” “fuck him up the ass,” and then cook him. He also offered instructions for cooking a unicorn after a little girl inquired. Bourdain added that unicorn marrow is delicious.

No reservations? How about no filter.

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[via Gothamist and the Huffington Post]

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