Aliens fans are going to find it difficult to resist pre-ordering the Collector's Edition of the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines when they see all that's included.

First off, pre-ordering the game at Gamestop gets you four exclusive multiplayer characters, the four colonial marines from the original 1986 movie (Hudson, Hicks, Drake, and Apone), plus additional character customization options and Ripley's iconic flamethrower.

The Collector's Edition ($99.99) comes in a limited edition "Xeno Hive" box, with a resin Powerloader figurine (you know, that thing Ripley kicks the queen's ass in at the end), two exclusive weapons (the Sonic Electronic Ball Breakers and Phase Plasma Rifle), one exclusive level (USCM Academy Firing Range), a USCM dossier with mission brief, schematic, recruitment card, a photo, iron-on badges, and a graduation certificate.

Plus it comes with everything from Gamestop's pre-order bonuses. Wowee.

So is this one collector's edition you'll be springing for come February 13 2013? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.