Next time you buy some strange pills that are supposed to "boost stamina and fight disease", you better check the ingredients because the BBC is reporting that the Korea Customs Services said it discovered that 17,500 wellness capsules seized since August 2011 contained powdered baby flesh.

The flesh comes from dead babies and fetuses, and it is thought to contain health benefits that you can't find elsewhere. But officials are worried that the pills would also be filled with harmful bacteria that could pose serious health risks. That's right, they're worried about the bacteria in the pills, not the fact that they're chock-full of baby flesh.

According to the site, The Dong-a Ilbo newspaper said the pills were being dyed and mixed in with other medication while being smuggled to try and trick authorities. Attention has been placed on the Chinese/South Korean flesh trade ever since a South Korean television documentary was released last year that exposed the practice. China's health ministry said it was investigating claims made by the documentary, but the problem appears to still be going on.

[via BBC]