Police in Nashville, Tenn., hope the burglary rate in the city will go down after arresting the person responsible for over 100 break-ins over the past two years. That's comforting, but here's the thing—the suspect is only 14-years-old. Police say the boy committed up to 100 acts of vandalism and theft in various neighborhoods starting at the age of 12.

According to police, the kid would kick in back doors and steal everything from video games to flat screen televisions. The most hilariously offensive piece of the story is that he used a go-kart as his getaway vehicle. Police actually admitted that a kid on a go-kart "tested [their] resources."

Still, police feel bad for the teen, who has already lost both parents. He's also been arrested multiple times, so now he'll probably spend significant time in custody. As a local police officer, how does it feel to know that a 14-year-old evaded you for two years? On a go-kart, nonetheless.

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