Best movies: Hatchet (2006), Spiral (2007), Frozen (2010)

If you’re a horror fanatic, you have to love a guy like Adam Green—everything he does is steeped in his fondness for the genre.

In an age where iconic slashers are a thing of the past, Green blessed lovers of fictionalized slaughter with a new killer to root for in Victor Crowley, the disfigured behemoth at the center of the Hatchet franchise. Anyone who’s seen either Hatchet or its 2006 sequel knows that Crowley’s handiwork makes that of Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers look like child’s play (no Chucky doll).

Green is also capable of containing himself, too, as seen in the quieter, kids-stuck-on-a-ski-lift thriller Frozen, as well as Spiral, a twisty descent into a loner’s fractured psychosis that’s arguably the director’s best movie to date. These days, Green and fellow genre staple Joe Lynch are behind the FEARnet sitcom Holliston, where he and Lynch play exaggerated versions of themselves in a Seinfeld-inspired world featuring gore, Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider, and witty inside jokes for the horror crowd. Catch a firsthand look at how people flock to Green at horror conventions and you’ll see just how much they appreciate it all.