Sure, you could make the argument that Hank Hill playing the straight man is what makes him so funny, and we wouldn’t disagree with you. We loved all of his “Dangit, Bill’s” and “I sell propane and propane accessories” quotes. But when you have a cast as crazy as that of King of the Hill, Hank definitely stands out as the guy with whom we’d least want to hang out.

From Boomhauer’s bizarre, rapid-fire dialogue and stories, to Bill Dauterive’s pitiful, but hilarious, lifestyle, and Dale Gribble’s nonsensical ideas that always backfire, all of Hank Hill’s friends are far more interesting by comparison. Though, we wouldn’t mind living next to Hank as he seems to be the only truly sane one of the bunch. But we do worry about that son of his. That boy ain’t right.