The United State's 2012 budget for the Department of Defense is a staggering $707.5 billion. For comparison purposes, that's nearly $200 billion more than the gross domestic product of Switzerland. Where does all that money go? Well, not surprisingly, a large chunk of it gets siphoned to the overseas military operations in which we're currently involved. A smaller portion, around $80 to $100 billion, goes towards research, development, testing, and evaluation of weapons. It's from there we get all the newest and craziest weapons used in modern-day warfare. The private sector, in turn, has been keeping pace by developing equally high-tech firearms that have been demonstrated at firing ranges and gun shows.

The U.S. army is already using one of these new armaments in Afghanistan, while other fully functioning firearms and prototypes are patiently waiting to go into full-scale production. All of this may seem unneeded, especially as we remember the brave solidiers who have fallen, but these weapons will help ensure a larger number of our troops make it home. From digital revolvers to smart grenade launchers, peek into the scope and get a look at 10 of the craziest high-tech weapons currently used by our military. 

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