If there's one family on this list that compares to the Kardashians, it's the Smiths—not because of their roles in the entertainment industry, of course. While the Kardashians have built a name for themselves in Hollywood through a sex tape and reality television shows, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith both have established legitimate acting careers and their children are just beginning to follow in their footsteps.

The comparisons start when one realizes that, despite how successful they are in their careers, the entire family is still total tabloid gold. Whether it's rumors about Will and Jada's marriage, Willow's diva-like behavior, or the future of Jaden's rap career, when it comes to the Smiths, everything is a potential story, and therefore, a storyline. Well, except for anything that has to do with Trey Smith, Will's son from another marriage, but every family's got the quiet one.