The Baldwin brothers, with their innate craziness, would be perfect for reality television—remember big (and iconically hairy) bro Alec’s rather unfortunate voicemail meant for his daughter in which he called her a “thoughtless little pig”? Or how about Stephen Baldwin, who became a born-again Christian after years of sex and drugs, and has since filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and also sued Kevin Costner? Imagine if cameras had been rolling on any of that!

Instead of following the Kardashian model, which keeps everyone relatively likable while still generating drama between family members, producers could just stick the Baldwins in a bio-dome for the duration of filming like a real life version of Stephen's 1996 film Bio-Dome. Alec would undoubtedly throw fits of rage, Stephen would try to save everyone's souls from eternal damnation, Daniel, who's done reality TV before (Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew!) would be the first to actually go crazy, and William would contribute nothing like always besides reminding people he was in Backdraft.

It would be a story of brotherly love, friendship, survival, and most of all drama—the most inspiring shit on TV since the last Lifetime movie that aired. Hopefully, though, it wouldn't inspire some sort of attack from the Canadians a la the South Park movie. But isn't that a chance we’re all willing to take for this?