Bet you didn't even know these two were related, did you? Yeah, we were caught by surprise too when we found out that Alfie Allen, otherwise known as the dude who plays straight-up asshole Theon Greyjoy on Game of Thrones, is the younger brother of English singer Lily Allen. That 2007 hit she had about her "little brother" who will never get laid because he smokes too much weed and stays in bed all day playing video games? More specifically, the one that was titled "Alfie"? Yup. Meet Alfie.

Obviously, after she made such a harsh song public, there's gotta be some pent-up animosity between the two, especially on Alfie's end, which could make for some great television. Additionally, Lily Allen has a history of being a bit unstable, which is practically a prerequisite for any reality television star.