This one is a no-brainer. Risk is considered one of the most meticulous and intellectually-driven board games on the market. Like Battleship, its focus is on strategy and well-thought-out movements to try and outfox your adversary. So Hollywood should do what it does best and turn the game into an out-and-out mindless action movie starring Channing Tatum and Jessica Biel.

Directed by the supreme hack Stephen Sommers (Van Helsing, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra), Riskcould focus on the Earth battling it out against an alien invasion during the Revolutionary War. Forced to become allies with the British, the original 13 colonies, led by Tatum as George Washington, would rally the world to work together to stop the intergalactic threat.

Think of it like The Patriot mixed with Independence Day, but somehow worse than what you’re imagining. Still, we would love to see Biel show off some ankle as Martha Washington.