We know a Monopoly movie was in development a few years ago, with Ridley Scott attached to direct, but there hasn’t been much talk about it in a few years. However, that doesn’t mean the idea should be abandoned. With the current economic malaise sweeping through the world, Monopoly actually has the potential to be the most socially-relevant board game adaptation imaginable. That’s right, we said it. Socially relevant.

Taking place in a world where only one corporation has survived the Great Recession, Monopoly could focus squarely on Rich Uncle Pennybags’ plot to buy America. Pennybags would, of course, have to be played by a mustachioed Ben Kingsley, while Shia LaBeouf could play his young, liberal-minded adversary, who also happens to be his nephew.

Think of it as the Wall Street sequel that Oliver Stone didn't have the guts to make. Unfortunately, we can’t think of a way to include the boot and the thimble into this whole experiment, but, hey, you have to draw the line somewhere.