Chutes and Ladders has seemingly been around forever, and it’s considered an absolute classic in the board game world. Unfortunately, classics mean nothing in the world of blockbuster movies (see I, Robot), so we can envision Hollywood adapting this into a gritty police thriller of some sort. Starring Al Pacino as Sgt. Chutes and Leonardo DiCaprio as Officer Ladders, this movie would feature the duo teaming up to take down a cocaine smuggling ring in the slums of Detroit.

Unfortunately, Ladders soon finds out that Chutes might know more about the smuggling ring than he’s letting on; as it turns out, Chutes has been on the take for years to pay for his wife's dialysis. Undeterred by his superior's sob story, this leads to a deadly game of cat and mouse between the clean rookie cop and the dirty veteran. Martin Scorsese should be all over this.