They say love makes you do the crazy, but this is bordering on pretty insane: A woman in Arizona told her mother that she had been kidnapped and was tied up in an unspecified location, when in reality she'd just gone to Mexico to see her boyfriend. 

The woman, 22-year-old Jessica Rodriguez, reportedly called her mother from a blocked number and told her the fake story because her parents don't approve of her boyfriend, Jesus Mondragon. Since saying that you are kidnapped would worry most parents out of their minds, her mother filed a police report to find her missing-not-missing daughter.

The search was called off when Rodriguez returned home safe and sound.

According to authorities, she could be facing criminal charges, because her made-up story forced her parents to file a false police report that caused law enforcement resources to go to waste.

"Not just that, but also the agony on the parents," a spokesperson for the Avondale, Arizona police force told the Tuscon Citizen. "This mother, based on what the daughter told her over the phone — that she had been kidnapped, she was blindfolded, taken in a vehicle and she didn't know where she was going — what would any parent think at that point?"

Couldn't she have just lied and said she was going to stay with a friend for a few days like a normal person?

[via New York Daily News]