Robin Kalinowski was married to her husband, Kevin, for 15 years. They had two kids, but there was definitely trouble in paradise, as Robin was having an affair with coworker John Carey at a Buffalo, N.Y., social services agency. According to the District Attorney, they got it in at work and home.

When Kevin found out about the relations, he confronted Robin, saying he wanted custody of 11-year-old Kevin Jr. and 9-year-old Erik. In November of 2005, Robin shot Kevin in the head at point blank range with a rifle he had given their oldest son as a gift. Evil.

While in prison awaiting trial, Robin figured she'd tie up all loose ends by conspiring with her cell mate to find a hitman to kill her lover so he wouldn't testify against her. Police had an undercover cop pose as a hitman, and caught Kalinowski offering him $3,000 for the job.

Last month, a jury found her guilty of second degree murder and hit her with a 25 to life sentence. She was a Black Widow, but paid the price of being all but smooth.

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