To this woman, a bad burger from Hardee's is a real emergency.

According to The Smoking GunDonna Marie Nichols of Tennessee was arrested for calling 911 twice from a pay phone in front of a liquor store to complain about her burger which, as she told operators, "tasted funny." 

Since this is not an actual emergency, police sped off to her location to arrest her for misusing the system (and also for being stupid, we assume). When they arrived, Nichols "stated that she had called the Hardee’s [where she had purchased the burger] prior to calling for police," where she was told she would receive a refund for her burger if she came back to the store. Instead of doing that, though, Nichols called 911.

She was arrested and booked into a local jail.

If she wanted a good burger, maybe she should have gone for a McDouble from McDonald's. Apparently, those are good enough to prostitute yourself out to undercover cops for.

[via New York Daily News]

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