An Uncharted movie could actually be fantastic—think Indiana Jones meets modern-day exploits (and leave Indiana Jones 4 out of the equation). But foregoing that, there are alternatives. Like the three feature-length films a redditor has created by editing together cut scenes and bits of gameplay from the three main Uncharted games.

Morphinapg writes that he (or she) tried to make the games seem as cinematic as possible, removing most of the footage that featured button prompts, chapter titles and other gamey elements. It's meant for non-gamers who want to simply enjoy a good story, which the Uncharted series certainly has.

The results are impressive, though we freely admit that we don't have eight hours to sit around and watch the whole trilogy. The first game is chronicled above, with the second and third here and here. Let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter.