UCLA officials were quite apologetic after accidentally telling 894 potential students they had been accepted to the Westwood campus. The error, which is pretty big, was the result of updated notices of provisional financial aid that were sent to thousands of admitted students, as well as those on the waiting list for the fall semester.

Sadly, the note to kids on the waiting list included the delightful message that every college-bound high school senior waits to read: “Once again congratulations on your admission to UCLA, we hope that this information will assist you in making your decision to join the Bruin Family in the fall.”

The plot thickens. The email sent the potential students to a thorough financial aid letter which clearly stated that they were on the waiting list. This led to numerous phone calls from students who didn’t know whether to be excited or anxious.

The university sent out messages telling all 894 of the students they had not been accepted, along with an apology. Campus spokesman Ricardo Vazquez chalked the mistake up to human error.

Similar incidents occurred at UC San Diego in 2009 and UC Santa Barbara in 2010, prompting us to ask: UC, what the hell is up?

[via The Los Angeles Times]

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