Earlier this week, the red-band trailer for Seth MacFarlane’sTed hit the internet like a raging storm of toilet humor and sex gags. Now, Apple has released a somewhat cleaner look at the film that should be more easily digested by a wider audience. But don’t lower your expectations too much, this footage still shows just how brilliant this movie could end up being.

The trailer starts out much like a cheesy Christmas movie, complete with a grandfatherly voiceover and a magical talking teddy bear. But then we’re sent straight into the present where that same bear has become a slobbish, perverted, pot smoker with an affinity for ladies of the night.

Sure we’re missing out on the same vulgarity that littered the first trailer, but we do get a better look at what the movie will actually be about. It also proves that not all of the humor here will be based on sex and drugs as MacFarlane’s voice work makes even the most rudimentary lines simply hysterical. And the closing joke in the trailer might be one of the funniest bits released from the film yet. With each new glimpse of footage, Ted gives us more reason to believe that it will be a hit. Let's just hope we feel the same way when the closing credits roll.

Ted will hit theaters on July 13.

[via Apple]