From Once Upon a Time in America to The Untouchables and beyond, Hollywood has been pumping out stellar Prohibition-era crime movies for years. It was a time of violence and anarchy as our country was caught in the middle of a war between the bootleggers and the law. There is simply no better material for a great drama than that. The latest such movie on the horizon is Lawless, directed by John Hillcoat (The Road). 

In it, the Bondurant brothers (Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy) run into trouble when their bootlegging business is threatened by a dangerous gangster (Gary Oldman) and a ruthless lawman (Guy Pearce). As you can see from the trailer, the cast is absolutely phenomenal; especially Oldman and Pearce, who bring a level of intensity to this footage that could easily be the highlight of the whole film.

There is an old school gangster feel that seemingly drips off of every frame in this trailer. There is booze, guns, fist fights, and nearly every other staple of the time period that makes Lawless look as authentic as some of the classics of the genre. In a summer where CGI is king, Lawless might just be the type of deep character movie that we need when all of the blockbusters are gone.

Lawless is set to hit theaters on August 31.