I doubt many of you remember Steel Battalion, the mech game for Xbox with the 200-dollar cockpit controller. If you do, you probably think it's hilarious that the game's sequel, Steel Batallion: Heavy Armor, has ditched the controller for Kinect-augmented approach.

What you see here is the newest gameplay trailer for Heavy Armor, which was shown at Capcom's Captivate showcase. Yes, that is the same event where the new Resident Evil 6, DmC and Lost Planet 3 trailers came from.

Though Steel Battalion takes place in the near future, modern technology has somehow been destroyed, and the world has reverted back to a world strangely reminiscent of World War II. Despite the technical setbacks, the US created a new type of vehicle, the "Vertical Tank", "VT" for short... or "giant robot" if you can't bring yourself to say "VT".

While most games look to streamline features and controls as much as possible, Steel Battalion makes every function at your control separate, adding to feeling that you are a part of the crew that controls the tank, not the tank itself.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor circle strafes onto shelves June 22nd.