Think Geek's annual slew of April Fool's Day merchandise is once again exceptional, if only because some readers are bound to think they're real. To be fair, these products aren't too far off from what the site normally produces.

The best part is that one of these actually will turn out to be real. While Minecraft Creep Peeps would no doubt be delicious (read: digusting—those little marshmallow bastards are the worst), we're rooting for the Skyrim hoodie (its speaker can emit all 20 dragon shouts, and you'll finally "fit in at High Hrothgar").

There's also the Star Trek inflatable captain's chair (which appears to be the real one this year) and the Star Wars Admiral Ackbar singing bass (It's a trap!). We can't believe no one's thought of that last one yet.

So are you going to go with the captain's chair, or will you just keep clicking "buy now" on the Skyrim hoodie until your mouse breaks? Let us know which you'd prefer in the comments or on Twitter.

[via Joystiq]

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