The second piece of concept art for the upcoming Wasteland 2 has been released to the wilds of the internet, and as you can see, it features a giant robotic scorpion with huge guns. Right up our alley, eh?

The sequel to the original post-apocalyptic RPG is in the works courtesy of InXile Entertainment, Fallout: New Vegas devs Obsidian, and over 53,000 Kickstarter backers. The project is currently sitting just shy of $2.5 million, so head over to Kickstarter to give it a bump before it ends in a couple days. Either way, that's a lot of scratch.

The last concept art featured some dusty post-apocalypse cowboys looking badass (it's the second pic above). More recently, InXile's Brian Fargo took to Youtube to answer fan questions.

That should be all the Wasteland 2 info you need for now. Head to the comments or Twitter to let us know what you think about the game so far.

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