Capcom announced today that "The Mercenaries" will be returning in Resident Evil 6. A long-standing extra mode in the Resident Evil franchise, "The Mercenaries" tasks players with killing as many enemies as possible within a time limit without dying.


Extra "Mercenaries" maps are prime downloadable content, and Capcom will be releasing three DLC maps as retail-exclusive pre-order bonuses: Different three stores - Gamestop, Best Buy, and Amazon - will each be giving out codes for their own level for fans who put money down early.

Reserving at Gamestop will add "The Catacombs", a creepy mash-up of a castle dungeon and a sewer equipped with plenty of good old-fashioned booby traps.

Pre-Ordering the game at Amazon will take you to the "High Seas Fortress", an abandoned aircraft carrier with both wide-open spaces and extremely close quarters.

Last but not least, putting money down at Best Buy earns you a ticket to the "Rail Yard", a "multi-level" stage that looks challenging because it doesn't seem like the map has a lot of good choke points or natural cover.

Don't worry if you're having a hard time picking which level you want: There's a pretty good chance that all three maps will be available after the game is released as DLC.

Will you putting money down early to get your hands on one of these maps? Let us know which one you pick in the comments!

Resident Evil 6 will creep up on you October 2nd.

[Via Capcom-Unity]

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