Director: David Riker
Stars: Abbie Cornish, Will Patton, Maritza Santiago Hernandez

Anyone who has seen Sucker Punch (it’s OK, don’t be afraid to admit it) should be quite familiar with Abbie Cornish, the blonde stunner whose physical gifts set her apart amidst a nubile cast of beauties. But there’s one thing that Zack Snyder’s horny-teenage-boy-serving action flick didn’t showcase, other than a coherent story: the fact that Cornish is one fine actress when she's given the right material.

And something tells us that she’s found just that in The Girl, a film that should de-glamorize her, but also provide Cornish ample room to show and prove. She plays a down-and-out woman who receives a pink slip after losing her son in a custody battle. In order to earn some paper, she reluctantly takes a gig smuggling illegal immigrants across the Texas border.

What seems like a one-woman show could, hopefully, give Cornish the platform needed to erase Sucker Punch from the minds of critics and industry tastemakers alike.

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