Director: Billy Corben


Billy Corben really is our kind of documentary filmmaker. Just look at the topics he’s addressed with his camera: the dramas surrounding Miami’s drug underworld (Cocaine Cowboys), the ups and downs of marijuana distribution (Square Grouper), and the captivating world of nightclub kingpin Peter Gatien (Limelight). And Corben’s latest film, Broke, continues his trend of tapping into what fascinates people like us the most.

Here, Corben centers his attention on the wide world of sports, specifically on the post-career lives of superstar athletes who can’t hold onto their riches. Financially taxed, one-time players like Sean Salisbury and Andre Rison provide the filters-off, firsthand accounts of how greatness on the playing field doesn’t necessarily translate to monetary intelligence off of the gridirons, courts, and diamonds.

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