In a departure from his heavy leaning toward horror, this short story shows Poe's quirky, irony-heavy sense of humor. 

On the surface, "The Spectacles" claims to be about "love at first sight," but what it actually recounts in a silly little fable in which the narrator becomes enamored with a woman he sees from a distance, while not wearing his spectacles. He spends much of the story discussing the woman's beauty "the most exquisite [he] had ever beheld." He tells his friends about the women who caught his eyes, and woos her from afar before eventually proposing marriage. Her only request of him is that he wear his glasses on their wedding night. When he finally puts his spectacles on, he finds his young hot thing is actually an 82-year-old woman, and worse yet, his own great-great-grandmother, "grinning and foaming."

Poe's narrator learns an important lesson after his "love at first sight" experience, concluding that he will "never again be met without SPECTACLES." A latter-day mention to beer goggles, perhaps?