Long before the SyFy channel dug its talons into the American psyche, Poe grabbed a foothold into the genre with a quirky little story called "A Descent Into The Maelström."

In what's essentially A Perfect Storm with a Twilight Zone twist, the tale's narrator, a frail, silver-haired man, tells us about how his fishing ship got caught in an unfathomably powerful whirlpool, and recounts how the maelström swallowed the boat and his brothers whole. The narrator uses his deductive prowess to survive, but with one cavaeat: He now appears as feeble old man. The Maelström seems to have stolen his youth.

Is this the embellished yarn the product of senility, or has the "old" man witnessed a seemingly implausible natural phenomenon, doomed to be wrongly deemed a liar for the rest of his days? Poe leaves it to us to decide.