As seen in: American Pie (1999)

The sexual experimentation with inanimate objects doesn't stop with Jim in our list-inspiring flick: Michelle Flaherty (Allyson Hannigan), his band camp boo-turned-wife, too, exhibits creative thinking when it comes to pleasure props, perhaps providing some additional explanation as to why the duo are so well-matched. 

As the two are getting to know one another, and Jim is simply grateful to have a sexual prospect, he endures a never-ending supply of geeky stories about his ladyfriend's days at band camp. Her last, however, was one that he was guaranteed never to forget. That would be the one in which she catches him—as well as the rest of us—off guard by revealing that she likes to stick her flute in the most private of places. As she puts it, "You don't think I know how to get myself off? Hell, that's half of what band camp is!"

Consider yourselves exposed, campers.