You might not remember her by name (no surprise there, she didn't actually get one), but by God, her one-liner rings in your ears long after her stint on the show has passed, haunting your dreams, your booty calls, solidifying her status as The One Who Knocks...ATMs over onto people's heads.

Those in need of refresher might remember Jesse Pinkman's (Aaron Paul) street-level squad running intro a confrontation with meth head Spooge (David Ury) and his lady friend (Dale Dickey) back in Season Two. When Pinkman heads over to their place to reclaim what was jacked from his friend, an argument between the cracked-out duo breaks out, with Spooge calling his woman a skank after she challenges his competence in busting open their stolen money machine.

Bad move. As he lays on the floor with the ATM propped, attempting to drill the cash out from the bottom, his heated lover silently whispers, "I ain't no skank," before toppling it over onto his head and sauntering over to the couch for a nap.

And you thought Gus Fring was scary.