Cap'n Cook (Aaron Paul) has come a long way from his humble, chili powder-sprinkling  beginnings. When chemistry teacher Walter White (Bryan Cranston) crossed paths with his pitiful former student for the first time in years, he was sneaking out of a meth lab that his brother-in-law (Dean Norris) had brought him along to raid. From there, an unlikely partnership formed and the two rose to the top of the ABQ drug game with a little help from their "friends" (crooked lawyers, sociopathic chicken chain managers, an entourage of corny junkies, etc.). 

Pinkman, an avid user himself, goes through waves of keeping clean, but when problems come a-knocking, his bowl has a tendency to resurfacing to provide him some temporary crystal comfort. Though Paul has stated in past interviews that his secret to nailing the character's highs has been watching druggies on YouTube, he's got that tweak factor down so well that one could swear he was a method actor.