Rising star Danny Brown has dubbed himself the "Adderall Admiral," but Edie Falco's return to television last night as pill-popping ER heroine Jackie Peyton on the Showtime series Nurse Jackie can be seen far and wide as an unofficial throwing down of the gauntlet. From bumps in the bathroom to afternoon delights concealed in sugar packets, the medical professional has more than proved over the past three seasons that she'll go to extremes when it comes to getting her fix. (We can't vouch for Brown sleeping with a pharmacist just yet.)

Jackie, however, is far from the first of her kind. There are plenty of other TV characters that we know can sympathize with her jonesings, some of who are similarly hard-working professionals, others who've allowed their appetites for self-destruction to more literally to rule their lives. Whether they're making us laugh or making us shake our heads, these scene-stealing users have proved to be some of the greatest characters on the tube—and more effective cautionary tales than anything we learned in 8th grade health class.

Find out which addictive personalities left us fiending for more with our list of The 10 Most Memorable Drug Addicts On TV Shows.

Written by Lauren Otis (@LaurNado)

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