6. Rainbow Mika

First Appearance: Street Fighter Alpha 3

Last Appearance: Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX

Why They're Lame: Vane attention whore who's willing to risk her life to be popular.

Street Fighter has never been shy with the gorgeous ladies, but they've always had full-figured back stories to go along with their full-figured backsides. Rainbow Mika on the other hand is the most blatant example of mysoginistic character design seen in the series.

Unlike Chun-Li, who works as a highly trained Interpol agent, or Cammy, who's her British equivelant, Rainbow Mika's just a trashy wrestler who wants to be popular. She risks life and limb, entering the tournaments so that she can be the "star of the ring" and have more adoring fans. The only way she could be more pandering for male attention is if she used her bodacious rear as a primary attack... oh... nevermind.