Coming off a slew of positive previews from PAX East, Square-Enix has announced that Sleeping Dogs will hit store shelves August 14th.

In addition to the release date, Square also detailed a set of pre-order swag for early adopters getting the game on Xbox 360 or PS3: Best Buy, Gamestop and Amazon will each have their exclusive bonuses for their customers.

Best Buyers pre-ordering the game will get the "George St. Pierre" pack, which adds three special moves and items related to the MMA fighter, including his signature move, the flying punch.

Putting money down early at Gamestop will get players the "Police Protection Pack", which includes an extra mission, "High Speed", and gives players a set of law enforcement-themed weapons and gear.

Pre-ordering from Amazon nets you the "Martial Arts Pack", which comes with an extra mission called "Shaolin Showdown" and some stat-increasing gear.

Square-Enix says there will be a different set of pre-order bonuses for anyone who pre-orders the PC version of Sleeping Dogs via digital distribution channels, which they plan to announce further down the line.

Planning to Pre-Order Sleeping Dogs? Tell us what version you're going to get in the comments!

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