ScHoolboy Q was in Washington, D.C. yesterday for a show at the 9:30 Club, but prior to taking the stage he decided to take in some of the scenery. In search of entertainment, Q mobbed through Howard University's campus, despite it being a Sunday:

Ever the comedian, ScHoolboy shared a few Instagram pics with his signature color commentary, including "weak azz kids" playing baseball and more playing soccer on the school's football field. His apparent dislike for the game of soccer ruffled feathers on Twitter (which he of course dismissed), and he noted that Howard's campus looked "like da projects." 

Regardless, Q was definitely satisfied with his trip, and the quality of female that he came across:

They loved the compliment. It's true—flattery will get you everywhere with women, especially if you're an entertainer. After playing photographer, Q hit the stage for what he called the "best show" of his Groovy Tour. Fans definitely appreciated the comedy and the energetic performance.

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