Sources "closely involved with manufacturing and distributing Nintendo products" claim that the final version of the Wii U will cost $180 dollars to manufacture, according to Forget the Box. Of that total production cost, every Wii U tablet controller costs approximately $50.

Though the price hasn't been finalized at this point, the same source states that the Wii U will cost no less than $300. Before you say whether or not Nintendo is trying to pull a fast one on you, remember that 180 dollars is simply the cost of materials and manufacturing, it doesn't take into account research, development, marketing and all the other expenses that go into making new technology.

Nintendo has had mixed results with their console production and pricing strategies. On the one hand, the cheaper tech and price point of the original Wii was the backbone of its success: On top of being significantly cheaper than the PS3 and Xbox 360 when it launched, Nintendo wasn't dependent on software sales to make a profit. On the other, consumers felt the price of the 3DS was simply too high, leading to the console's infamous price cut.

Though the Wii U will most likely be the first next-gen home console available, with an anticipated 2012 launch, it will have to compete with the cheaper Xbox 360 and PS3. Rumors that the console won't feature the same processing power as its less expensive competition may make consumers balk at the console's price tag.

At least it's not going to cost 600 bucks, right?

[Via Forget the Box]