The final specifications for the next Xbox, a.k.a. the "Durango", are being privately disclosed to third-parties, according to VG247.

Like the newly-named PlayStation Orbis (PS4), Durango is being prepped to launch during the 2013 holiday season. The two consoles' similarities don't stop there: The Durango may also force players to be online at all times for the sake of next-gen anti-piracy measures.

Internally, the Durango will feature two 7000-series AMD GPUs: Unlike most dual-GPU systems, which alternate rendering duties, the Durango's two graphics cards will work independently, creating two different objects simultaneously.

The CPU will have either four or six cores, one of which powers the console's built-in Kinect. Did I mention that the Durango will have a next-gen Kinect built in?

Lastly, the report asserts that the console will feature a Blu-Ray disc drive, a feature that has been widely disputed in the rumor mill.

Despite the supposed 2013 launch date, Microsoft has claimed that the console will not be unveiled at E3 2012, so it looks like it'll be awhile before we get the full scoop.

[Via VG247]