A Rockstar employee may have just narrowed the release window for Grand Theft Auto V. According to Joystiq, Alex O'Dwyer, an animator at Rockstar North, posted a resume that listed Grand Theft Auto V among his credited work - The list is ordered chronologically, and says that the game will be released in October 2012.

O'Dwyer has since pulled his resume and removed the information from his LinkedIn page.

Though this is as much evidence as anyone has regarding Rockstar's plans for GTA V, an flies in the face Rockstar's trend of releasing one game per year (Max Payne 3 is coming out this May). In addition, GTA publisher Take-Two Interactive will be releasing another AAA title that month, Bioshock Infinite. It would seem like a poor business decision to release two highly anticipated games so close together.

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[Via Joystiq]