Harmonix announced the return of the Rock Band franchise yesterday... Sort of. The company released a trailer for Rock Band Blitz - an upcoming downloadable title for PSN and XBLA.

Before you get too excited, (or annoyed,) Blitz ditches all those plastic instruments your still have in your closet for a gameplay experience that's reminiscent of Harmonix' pre-Rock Band music games like Amplitude and Frequency. As the song progresses, players have to press buttons in time while switching from instrument to instrument. Obviously, each instrument has its own rhythm, so it's not as simple as throwing a couple extra buttons in the mix.

Not everything from your past life as a Rock Band fanatic has been discarded, however. Though the game comes with 25 tracks out of the box, every song in the massive Rock Band DLC library will be compatible with Blitz.

Also, if your game instruments haven't been relegated to the closet/garage/attic yet, all of Blitz's in-box tracks can be added to your Rock Band 3 library. I guess reverse compatibility isn't dead after all.

Rock Band Blitz will bring the music back some time this summer.