Three Brazilian cannibals were arrested last week for cooking their victims into pastries on some sick, true-life Sweeney Todd-shit. Jorge Beltrao Negromonte da Silveira and his wife Isabel Pires, both 51, helped lure victims to their home with the promise of work as a nanny with the help of da Silveira's 25-year-old mistress, Bruna da Silva.

After killing their victims, they cooked their flesh into empanadas and sold them to neighbors in Pernambuco, located in the country's northern region. da Silveira vividly detailed the murders in a 50-page book, complete with drawings.

Police discovered the two bodies, which they believe belong to 20-year-old Alexandra Falcao (fourth image) and 30-year-old Gisele da Silva, inside of the trio's home. The two women were recently seen near the home before being reported missing.

The cannibals belonged to a religious sect that taught "the purification of the world and the reduction of its population." Now they'll experience just that—in prison. Their crime mimics those of fictional barber Sweeney Todd, who slit the throats of his victims, which his partner Mrs. Lovett cooked into meat pies.

[via The Daily Mail UK]

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