Actor: Jerry Ferrara/Role: Jeremy

Some actors are so closely associated with a single role that it's hard to draw the distinction between life and art. And while actor Jerry Ferrara is not Turtle, the role he played on Entourage, there are some key similarities between the actor and his former alter-ego. First things first, though: Jerry is from Brooklyn, and Turtle is from Queens. Now that that's out of the way, you should know that Jerry, like Turtle, has too much drive to be content chauffeuring anyone around all day.

Like the later-years Turtle, Jerry knows how to hustle. After discovering acting in college, he moved to Los Angeles and quickly found work in television and independent film, before landing the life-changing gig on Entourage. In Think Like a Man, Jerry plays Jeremy, another guy whose drive has paid off; a successful video game designer, Jeremy has got it made, and is happy to enjoy life for a while. Unfortunately, one thing he may be taking for granted is his girlfriend, Kristen, who is ready for him to get ambitious in the ring department.

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